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How To
Europe For
Only $30 A Day

Going on a Euro Trip doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, you can stretch those dollars and turn your two week trip into a two month trip.

Read on for tips and tricks on how to backpack Europe on the cheap…

East vs West

There is a significant difference in cost between cities in western Europe and those in eastern Europe.  In fact, visiting cities like London and Paris can be 2 or 3 times more expensive as visiting cities in the east.

That’s not to say to avoid western Europe entirely.  Just set up your itinerary so you have a good mix of cities all over Europe to balance the cost out.

Hostel Life

If you’re going to travel on $30 a day, hostels are a must.  The cost of a hostel dorm room is a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for a room in a hotel.  If you’re not into sharing a room, most hostels also provide private rooms for a bit more.

Many hostels also include a free breakfast with your booking giving you another way to save money on your travel expenses.

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Eat Cheap

Obviously if you’re traveling on $30 a day, you won’t be dining at fancy restaurants.  There are, however, many great options to eat cheap and still get to experience authentic local cuisine.

If you really want a taste of the city, your best bet is to indulge in some street food.  Look for a cart usually run by a little old man or lady who will happily put together a cheap local meal for you to try.

The best way to cut down your food expenses is by simply making your own meals at the hostel.  Almost all hostels have a fully operational kitchen, so head to the market, get some local ingredients and whip up your own meal.

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Euro Trip Kit

You know what’s less than $30?  Our Euro Trip Kit!  It’s a fantastic way to begin planning and dreaming about your euro trip.

Inside you’ll find travel tips, a trip journal, adventure passport, language flashcards, inspiration and a whole lot more.

It’s perfect for everyone from first time travelers to those who are already out there living the backpack dream.

Free Walking

Almost every major city in Europe have companies that offer free walking tours.  These tours are usually run by young students who are passionate about telling the story of their city and country.

The tours are probably the best way to explore and learn about the city as the guides will take you to unique places in the city while telling you all sorts of interesting stories.

As a note, while these are “free” walking tours, tips are encouraged at the end of the tour and a €5 tip is the standard.

Discounted Adventures

Along with free walking tours, there are many adventures in the city that are also free or can be had for a discount.

Many museums and art galleries are free once a week and, of course, there’s no charge for simply exploring the city on your own.

Talk with some locals and they may show you the “real” side of the city or arrange an adventure with a bunch of your hostel mates to get a group discount.

Getting from
A to B

Even with the proliferation of low cost budget airlines in Europe, flying from city to city will put a huge dent in your budget.

Europe has excellent rail and bus networks that run throughout the continent and are quite cheaper than even budget airline fares.  Most trains and buses come with free wifi and while the travel time may be longer, you’ll be able to take some time to relax and watch the beautiful scenic countryside as you go to your next city.

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What's Next?

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