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How many days should I visit Vienna for?
For some, months or even years is not enough. For first time visitors, anywhere from 3-4 days is enough to take in the city and go on a few day trips.
When's the best time to visit Vienna?
Vienna attracts alot of visitors each year especially during the summer months. Try to visit Vienna either in the spring or fall for lower travel rates and significantly shorter lines at attractions.
How much does Vienna cost?
On average, backpacking in Vienna costs about $75 a day.
Is it safe to visit Vienna?
For the most part, Vienna is safe to visit. However, as with most big cities, pickpockets can be a problem, so be extra cautious when in touristy areas.
Do I need to know German?
It’s not necessary to know German as most people you meet will speak English.
Don’t be a tacky tourist though, learn some common German phrases before you go.
What currency does Austria use?
Austria uses the Euro as their currency.  One US dollar is worth about €0.92.
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Austrian Food

Wiener Schnitzel

German phrases for traveling

Guten tag
How are you?
Wie gehts?
My name is...
Ich heisse…
Do you speak English?
Sprechen sie Englisch?
One beer please
Ein bier bitte
Thank you
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