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Eat Cheap While Traveling

Eat Cheap While Traveling

Secrets to find cheap food

Backpacking isn't just about carrying around a backpack and staying in hostels.  It's a lifestyle and a way to travel - on the cheap.

Here are some money saving tips for how to eat cheap while traveling...

Avoid touristy areas and look for lunch specials.  Take advantage of the hostel kitchen.

Get out of the touristy area

Get out of the touristy area of town and walk a few blocks away to the side streets where the locals live.

Now that you're here, you'll find the restaurants the locals go to.  If you walk into a restaurant and there's not a tourist in site, you'll know you're in the right spot.

Eat local food

After a long day of exploring it's easy to just go for your comfort foods but you're traveling and you're on an adventure, so stay away from the burgers and steaks.

Go for the local cuisine instead.  It's cheaper, it's fresher and it's part of the experience of traveling.

Lunch specials

Try to make your big meal of the day lunch instead of dinner.  Alot of restaurants, especially in Europe, offer lunch specials in the afternoon.

By having a nice meal earlier you'll pay only a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for the same meal at dinner time.

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Keep away from snacks

When you're traveling, it's way too easy to be enticed by snacks.  They're everywhere you look and they're so cheap.

Gelato, pasty, a slice of pizza, ice cream - it adds up and it adds up quickly.  A few snacks a day could easily add up to a $100 a month or more.

Fast food

Just like back home, fast food is a cheap option to get some calories in you.  Sometimes you just want a quick bite and sometimes you're just craving a greasy burger.

Remember though, you're not at home and you're on an adventure, so try to limit your visits to McDonalds and the rest of the fast food giants.

Throw a little adventure into the mix by trying a fast food restaurant you've never seen before or by getting something unique on the McDonalds menu that's only available in that country.

Eating in

One of the biggest ways you can eat cheap while traveling is by staying at a hostel that includes a free breakfast with the price of the room.  The meal can be anything from just toast and jam to an omelette made to order and everything in between.

As for your other meals, you can easily find everything you need to make a nice picnic lunch at the local market down the street.  Prepare some sandwiches or, better yet, buy some cheap local delicacies and try them.

As for dinner, why not take full advantage of the hostel kitchen?  Check for a shelf that has free non-perishable food items left behind by other guests and make a meal around it.  Even better, why not make a meal together with other guests?  Pool your resources together and buy in bulk - not only is it cheaper but preparing and eating a meal together is a great way to make new friends.

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