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London  Backpack Guide

Backpack Guide

How many days should
I visit London for?

For first time visitors, anywhere from 5-7 days is enough to take in the city and go on a few day trips.

When's the best
time to visit London?

London attracts alot of visitors each year especially during the summer months.
Try to visit London either in the spring or fall for lower travel rates and significantly shorter lines at attractions.

How much
does London cost?

On average, backpacking in London costs about $110 a day.

Is it safe
to visit London?

For the most part, London is safe to visit.  However, as with most big cities, pickpockets can be a problem, so be extra cautious when in touristy areas.

What currency
does United Kingdom use?

United Kingdom uses the Pound as their currency.  One US dollar is worth approximately £0.81.
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Warning Schengen Area

United Kingdom is one of a handful of countries that are NOT part of the Schengen Agreement.

When entering and exiting the country, you'll be required to go through passport control.
Schengen Agreement

London Adventures

Here are 15 of our favorite adventures you should do while you're in London.  Read about them in our London Adventure Guide.