Great Phone Apps For Traveling


TripIt (Android, iOS) will consolidate your travel plans into one simple and convenient itinerary.  Link up your email account and TripIt will automatically go through your inbox for travel confirmations and other relevant emails.  Once it has the data, it will build an itinerary of all you flight times, hotel checkins and other travel related items.  This is a free ad-supported app but a paid version without ads is available.


PackPoint (Android, iOS) takes your trip profile (destination, length of stay, purpose of travel) and provides a packing checklist for you.  It will base the list on several factors including whether you're traveling for business or pleasure and what type of weather is expected for that area at that time of year.  This is a free app but also has premium features available as well.


Hostelworld (Android, iOS) is a free app for searching for and booking hostels in cities all around the world.  You can see all the features a hostel has to offer, their rates and reviews from fellow travelers.

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor (Android, iOS) is a free app that allows you to browse through thousands of reviews of various attractions, restaurants and accommodations across the world.  You can search for nearby places, explore restaurants by food type and price range and even check out air fares.  You can also add your own reviews complete with photos and videos if you want.
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Trip planning made easy
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SkyScanner (Android, iOS) is a free app that finds you the best prices on flights by comparing prices from hundreds of airlines from the big airlines all the way to the low cost budget airlines.  You can easily filter your searches based on airline, cabin class, price, departure time and flight duration.  The app will also let you book flights directly through links to travel agents or airlines.


Citymapper (Android, iOS) is a free app that gives you more detailed journey information than you'd get using Google Maps.  Map your route on public transport, find an Uber, and see the cycle routes.  The app is available for many of the major cities worldwide.

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If you can't find an app that has a metro map for the city you're going to visiting, just check for an image of the map online and store a screenshot of it onto your phone.

Google Translate

Google Translate (Android, iOS) is a free app that easily allows you to find translations of words and phrases in any language around the world.  It also now has a camera-to-text feature that allows you to snap a picture of a sign or menu in a foreign language and have it translate it for you.

XE Currency

XE Currency (Android, iOS) is a free app that will do currency conversions for you on all currencies worldwide.  Just enter the price in foreign currency and it will spit back the price in your local currency.  If you're not connected to the web, don't worry, it will save the last updated rate for you so you can use it offline.


LiveTrekker (Android, iOS) is a free app that will keep a detailed record of your travels with a map track and geotagged photos and videos.  You can easily look bag at your logs and also share them online with friends.
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