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How To Travel On A Budget

How To Travel On A Budget

Tricks for traveling cheap

If you're backpacking for an extended period of time, it's important to spend your money wisely so it lasts longer.

Here's a few tips on how to save money and travel on a budget...

Pick less expensive destinations, stay at hostels, and explore on the cheap.


The biggest thing that will affect your travel budget is your decision on where to travel.

Regions like Southeast Asia and Central America are huge draws for backpackers because the cost of living is so cheap in those countries.

For the amount of money you would spend in a month in a place like London you could easily spend 3 or more months traveling through Southeast Asia.

While it's true that Europe is one of the more expensive places in the world to visit, it doesn't mean you have to avoid it if you're traveling on a budget.
Parts of Europe like Eastern Europe or the Baltic states are very cheap to travel and also offer a great deal of history and culture.

Pretrip expenses

1) Travel gear

It's good to be excited about your upcoming trip but don't go crazy buying a bunch of travel gear.  Most of the stuff that you think you'll need will end up lying at the bottom of your bag untouched.  Put together a proper pack list and only buy what you need.

2) Flights

The flight to your destination is a major expense which means when you book your flight it also has the potential to be your biggest savings.  Study up and do some research on how to find cheap flights and you could save hundreds of dollars.

3) Travel insurance

Don't get into the false thinking that you don't need travel insurance.  While you might think it's wasted money, you'll be glad you have it when and if something bad happens so don't cheap out here.


This should come as a no-brainer, but if you're traveling on a budget you'll be staying in hostels.  Treat yourself to a private room every once and awhile, but for the most part you should be staying in dorm rooms.

You can also offset this cost if you get a job at a hostel.  In exchange for working a few hours a day alot of hostels will give you free room and board.

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Euro Trip Kit

Part of your pretrip expenses should include a Euro Trip Kit.  It's a fantastic way to begin planning and dreaming about your euro trip.

Inside you'll find travel tips, a trip journal, adventure passport, language flashcards, inspiration and a whole lot more.

It's perfect for everyone from first time travelers to those who are already out there living the backpack dream.
Inside The Kit


While it's true you can eat cheap while traveling by eating street food or sitting down at buffets, it still adds up after awhile.

Almost all hostels have a communal kitchen everyone can use, so why not go to the local market, pick up some groceries and make a great hostel meal yourself?

Save even more money and have some fun with it by getting some other people in on it and split the costs.

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Getting from A to B

When you're going from city to city or country to country there are a few ways to get there.

Instead of taking an expensive flight or train ride, take a look at the cost of traveling by bus.  Often times these fares are just a fraction of the cost and some bus lines even offer luxury buses complete with food and wifi.

When you're traveling locally use public transit.  Avoid taxis when you can as not only are they expensive but they'll sometimes try to rip you off.


You don't have to miss out on all the attractions because you're traveling on a budget.  While the adventures you go on may cost you a pretty penny, you'll definitely regret it later on if you don't take those opportunities.

Having said that, you don't need to go crazy and break the bank every day.

There are all sorts of things you can do on the cheap or even for free.  Go on a free walking tour, visit a museum or take a day trip to a nearby village and explore what it has to offer.