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10 Czech Desserts You Need To Try

10 Czech Desserts You Need To Try

Czech desserts

Unlike many of its European counterparts, historical Czech cuisine does not have an abundance of richly sweet desserts to contrast with its savory dinners.

Traditionally, Czech desserts were sweetened with fruits and jams, honey, or other natural sweeteners rather than abundance of sugar.  These natural sweeteners are usually combined with more savory components, such as a simple crepe or cake.

If you're ready for a tasty mildly sweet dessert experience, take a look at these traditional Czech desserts.



Best described as a kind of spit cake, this dessert is made from a rolled dough that is then wrapped around a stick, grilled, and then topped with a mixture of sugar and walnuts.

Originated towards the end of the 18th century in Skalica, a Slovac township bordering the Czech Republic, this tasty delight eventually made its way over to Czech tables over the next century and is now a popular dessert item throughout Central Europe.

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czech desserts you need to try czech republic trdelnik


Another Slovac treat that made its way to the Czech Republic is the Palacinky.  These thin pancakes are very similar to French crepes and you'll often find this dessert at breakfast tables.

They are often filled or topped with some combination of jam, fruit, cream, cheeses and nuts and while traditionally they were rolled up like dainty cigars, you'll often find them arranged on a plate folded into artful triangles.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic palacinky


The inspiration behind some interesting fairy tales and perhaps some nightmares as well, Perníky are essentially gingerbread cookies done the Czech Republic way.

Even though Perníky are the perfect treat during the holiday season, don't fret as they are available year round in bakeries and stores in the Czech Republic.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic perniky


Made from sweet dough stuffed and decorated with all sorts of yummy things like fruit jams, raisins, poppy seeds and nuts, Koláce is a round bread pastry with a fruit filling placed in the center.

Although Koláce was originally served as a semisweet wedding dessert centuries ago, you don't need to be part of a wedding party to enjoy this highly popular dessert.  You can find Koláce at markets and bakeries throughout the Czech Republic.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic kolache


With an English translation of "Little Coffin" because of its shape, Rakvicka is a traditional Sunday after lunch dessert dating back to the last century.

Made from a very sweet and crunchy dough with a hollowed out inside, Rakvicka are commonly served with whipped cream and fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic rakvicka

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Medovnik is a multi layer cake that translates to "honey cake" for good reason as honey is its main ingredient.  Made from sponge cake, layered with a cream filling, and often covered in nuts, Medovnik is known for its lengthy preparation time.

Generally the condensed milk is made the day before the cake.  The cake itself takes about 3 hours to make and then after it's all put together, it's left to rest refrigerated until the next day so that all the flavors blend in nicely.

Of course, Medovnik is one of those desserts that is truly worth the wait.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic medovnik


Made popular during the 18th century and most often associated with Germany, Strudl is one of the most popular pastries in the Czech Republic.

You'll often find Jablečný Strudl as it's the Czech's version of apple strudel but you'll also find other common varieties like milk cream and sour cherry.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic strudl


Although at first glance Venecek looks like a donut, it is actually much lighter and not as sweet as its American counterpart.

This vanilla iced confection is sliced in two, loaded with custard and best enjoyed with a shot of strong, hot coffee.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic venecek


Don't let the look of the Větrník fool you into thinking it's just a simple creampuff.  Its unique filling and unmistakabe Czech flavor makes it one of the most authentic and traditional Czech pastries you can buy.

Similar to the French eclair or Italian profiterole, the Větrník is made from a light and airy Choux pastry filled with vanilla and caramel cream.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic vetrnik


A staple of any Czech pastry shop are little meringue sandwiches called Laskonky.

These extremely sweet cookie like pastries are light and crisp and filled with either cream or ganache and then often sprinkled with walnuts.
czech desserts you need to try czech republic laskonky