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czech food guide prague czech republic kulajda
Kulajda is a traditional soup that is made with rich, creamy ingredients.  Traditionally Kulajda is made primarily with mushrooms along with some seasonings and pieces of cooked potato for flavor.

Some modern Czech variations on Kulajda add dill, sour cream, hard-boiled eggs and peppercorns for some added spice.

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czech food guide prague czech republic cesnecka
Česnečka is a garlic based soup that is traditionally associated with being a hangover cure or something to drink when you're feeling under the weather.

The soup, traditionally served with fried cubes of bread for dipping, is made with a thin clarified broth combined with cooked sliced potatoes, a hefty dose of garlic, and sometimes additional spices for added flavor.

Hovezí Gulás

czech food guide prague czech republic hovezi gulas
Hovězí Guláš is a very hearty beef goulash dish that is typically served as a main course at dinner.  The dish is made with beef that is sautéed with onion, garlic, and marjoram.

The beef is stewed until very tender and then served with a thickened sauce along with a side of dumplings or rice.


czech food guide prague czech republic svickova
Svíčková is a cream based steak dish that is known as one of the most popular dishes in all of Czech cuisine.

The meal is made by marinating the steak, along with some carrots, onion, and parsley root, overnight in gravy.  After a night of marinating, the the marinade is mixed with a heavy cream and boiled to get a nice creamy, thick sauce.

The steak is then topped in the sauce and served alongside bread, cream and some traditional cranberry sauce.

Smazený Sýr

czech food guide prague czech republic smazeny syr
Smažený Sýr is a delicious fried cheese dish that is commonly consumed as street food.  Popular cheeses like Hermelin and Niva are sliced, breaded and then fried in a pan.

You'll find Smažený Sýr at street food stands as well as served alongside salad and fried potatoes.  Other recipes call for the fried cheese to be served with a slice of meat, usually a very thin slice of ham, with 2 slices of Smažený Sýr acting as bread.

Travel Tip
Many restaurants in the Czech Republic offer lunch specials, providing either a set menu or a small selection of meals for a greatly reduced price.
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czech food guide prague czech republic knedliky
A simple dish in Czech cuisine, Knedlíky are boiled dumplings that can be eaten as a snack, appetizer, or served on the side of main courses.

Knedlíky are a staple of many classical Czech dishes which is why there are so many variations of traditional recipes for these dumplings.

If they are served as a side dish to a rich main course they are kept plain to soak up the various sauces and flavors of the dish they are accompanying.  However, when they are served as a stand alone snack or appetizer, they are often filled with meat, vegetables and seasonings.


czech food guide prague czech republic bramboracky
Bramboráčky are a style of potato pancake that are traditional to Czech cuisine.  The Czech version of these European staples are made with grated potatoes that are breaded with egg, breadcrumbs, and seasoning that includes a significant amount of garlic and marjoram.

Some classical Czech recipes also include caraway seeds in the mixture and some regions will blend sliced meats and a simple dough into their Bramboráčky adding a more unique texture and a heartier flavor.


czech food guide prague czech republic chlebicky
A popular Czech snack and street food is Chlebíčky.  The dish is an open faced sandwich either served fairly plain or with complicated toppings.

Classic toppings for Chlebíčky include cured meats, hard boiled egg, cheese, fish paste and vegetables like cucumber and tomato.  Some more complex recipes for Chlebíčky also include tangy garnishes like pickled peppers and pickled radish.

Travel Tip
As with most countries in Europe, tipping at restaurants in the Czech Republic is not expected.  Leave a 1 or 2 euro coin if you were happy with the experience.


czech food guide prague czech republic palacinky
Palačinky is a traditional pancake that is extremely popular throughout Europe but especially so in the Czech Republic.

Made with a simple dough of eggs, milk and wheat flour, Palačinky is fried in a hot pan with butter and served with a filling.  Popular fillings include thick fruit jams, hazelnut chocolate cream, dried fruits and sweet cheeses.

Palačinky is so popular that you'll see it eaten as a sweet snack, a lunch option and even as a sweet dinner side.

Vepro Knedlo Zelo

czech food guide prague czech republic vepro knedlo zelo
This hearty dish is the national dish of the Czech Republic and you'll find it in almost all Czech restaurants.

Vepro Knedlo Zelo encompasses many of the rich flavors that the Czech region is well known for and is a staple dish that can be found in many regions around the country.

Made from a pork loin that has been roasted in onion and caraway gravy, Vepro Knedlo Zelo is usually served over a bed of sauerkraut and simple boiled dumplings.

Spanelský Ptácek

czech food guide prague czech republic spanelsky ptacek
Despite its name literally translating to Spanish Bird, this dish has nothing to do with Spain or birds.

Španělský Ptáček is beef or veal that has been stuffed with a variety of other meats, vegetables and seasonings before being stewed with gravy.

The most common vegetables used in this dish are onions, bacon, boiled egg slices, and pickles.  As with many other Czech dishes, Spanelský Ptácek is served with simple dumplings to soak up the gravy for added flavor and texture
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