The Backpacker Guide To Hostel Sex

Laundry Room

Most hostels have a laundry room that isn't used at night.  Make a love nest out of the fresh sheets and towels or make use of the sturdy washer.  Bonus points for setting it on the spin cycle for good vibrations.

In the shower

The shower is a great place to have sex.  You've got relative privacy and you don't have to go far to clean yourself up afterwards.

Keep in mind, however, that some communal showers aren't as private as you think they are.  Also, whatever you do, don't do this in the morning when people are waiting to take a shower.

Travel Tip
The best time to get together is during the middle of the day when everyone is out and about while the early evening when everyone is getting ready to head out for the night is the worst.

Supply closet

Hostel workers do most of the cleaning during the day so the supply closet isn't really used at night.

Of course having sex next to a mop bucket while you're contorted into a tight space isn't so romantic.  Try to sell it as an adventure instead!


You'd be surprised at how many hostel roofs are easily accessible.  When you checkin, take a look around for ways to access the roof just in case you need to access it later.

If things work out, and assuming no one else has the same idea, you can stay up there alone under the stars all night long.

Travel Tip
No matter how free and adventurous you feel because you're traveling always play safe when having sex.  Also, bring your own condoms with you on your trip as foreign brands can be iffy.
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Step onto the balcony of your dorm room and close the curtains behind you.  Most balconies will be built in a way where you can't see what's going on behind the ledge.

Having sex on the balcony is a great adrenaline rush and will bring out your inner exhibitionist as you go at it while your roommates are just mere feet away on the other side of the curtain.

Great outdoors

Now this might be a challenge if your hostel is smack dab in the middle of the city.  However, if you're in a semi rural area, find somewhere private and secluded like a forest, park or empty yard to have sex.

Don't forget to snag a towel or bed sheet from the hostel before you head out so you have something to lie on.

Travel Tip
No sex in the kitchen!  Respect your fellow housemates and keep your naked bodies out of this room.  People cook and eat food in the kitchen and nobody wants any traces of a mystery sauce!

On the beach

Who hasn't had that romantic dream of having sex on the beach?  Add having it with a stranger in a foreign land and it has all the makings of a seedy romance novel.

Keep in mind having sex on the beach isn't as romantic as you think it is, especially when you're trying to get sand out of all your cracks and crevices later on.

Get a room

While not as adventurous as skulking around the hostel looking for a place to have sex, getting a private room is the easiest answer to your dilemma.

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