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How many days should I visit Paris for?
Paris is a major tourist destination so there's plenty to see and do.
You could easily spend a month here but to get a good feel for the city, usually 5-7 days is enough.
When's the best time to visit Paris?
Summer time is peak tourist season for Paris so try to visit right before between March - June to avoid the crowds.
How much does Paris cost?
On average, backpacking in Paris costs about $80 a day.
Is it safe to visit Paris?
For the most part, Paris is safe to visit. However, as with most big cities, pickpockets can be a problem, so be extra cautious when in touristy areas.
Do I need to know French?
It's not necessary to know French as most people you meet will speak English.
Don't be a tacky tourist though, learn some common French phrases before you go.
What currency does France use?
France uses the Euro as their currency.  One Canadian dollar is worth approximately €0.71.
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