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For the most part, the people you meet in hostels will be amazing.  Of course, every once in awhile you come across an ass who thinks they own the place and the world revolves around them.

Don’t be that person!

Here are 9 unwritten rules of hostel etiquette that will keep people from peppering your name with swear words…

Late night etiquette

Dorm rooms are for sleeping so if it’s after 10pm and people want to sleep, let them.  Don’t sit there on your phone lighting up the dark room with your ominous blue screen light or have a hush-hush whisper conversation with someone – head out to the common room instead.

If you’re coming back to the hostel late at night then expect to wander around the dorm quietly and in the dark.  There is nothing more annoying than someone waking you up at 3am as they stumble in loudly and flick on the light.

Getting up early

If you have to get up really early like at 5 or 6am then you should be tiptoeing around so as to not wake anyone.

Also, if you’ve set the alarm on your phone remember to have the phone easily accessible to turn the alarm off.  Oh, and for God’s sake, don’t keep pressing the snooze button!

Packing up

Talking about early mornings – if you’re checking out in the early morning hours have your stuff packed and ready to go the night before.  Don’t spend a half hour rummaging around your bag waking everyone up as you pack.

If you didn’t pack the night before then at least take all your stuff out to the hallway and pack out there instead.

Plastic bags

Avoid death glares and never use plastic bags to pack your things in.  Not your dirty laundry.  Not your toiletries.  Nothing!

The scratching sound from plastic bags is as bad as nails on a chalkboard and is sure to annoy your fellow dorm mates.

Clean up after yourself

Mom’s not here to wash your dishes so do it yourself.  When you’re done with your dish, wash it (with soap, don’t just run it under warm water)

Alot of people use this room so be respectful and clean up after yourself.  Wipe down the sink after you splash water everywhere and put paper in the bin.  Don’t leave towels lying around and don’t pee on the toilet seat.

Dorm room
You’re sharing that room with other people, so pick up after yourself.  Respect other people’s areas and don’t leave your things all scattered across the room.

Don't forget about you
Nobody likes a smelly roommate.  Shower every day and wash your dirty clothes.  If your feet are smelly keep them covered up.

Sex etiquette

Hooking up while traveling is natural.  Everyone’s out on an adventure exploring new places and meeting new people.  New people who are hot.  Throw some alcohol in the mix and you have a firepot of raging hormones.

Whether it’s one of many hostel love stories, a short lived fling or just a one night stand – don’t bring it to the dorm room.  Even if you think you’re being secretive and quiet, trust me, you’re not.

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Snoring isn’t really something you can control.  You can try sleeping on your side but even that doesn’t really work.  If you’re a snorer let people know in advance so they can put in earplugs.  If you sound like a buzzsaw you might want to consider getting a private room.

Dorm room etiquette

Talking on the phone
Nobody in the room wants to hear your conversation.  Take the call out of the room.  There are plenty of private areas in the hostel.

Smelly food
Honestly you shouldn’t be eating any food in the dorm room.  Please don’t stink up the room with that exotic local delicacy.

Don't hog the heater
The radiator comes in really handy on damp, dreary days.  It’s a great place to dry off your wet clothes but you’re not the only one with wet clothes so don’t hog it.

The dorm room is meant as a quiet space to relax and sleep.  There are so many other places in the hostel to have a good time so keep the party out of the dorm room.

Bathroom etiquette

Some hostels are better than others but bathroom space is always limited.  In the morning hours especially there’s usually a queue to use the bathroom.

Try to be in and out so the next person can get in there.  As for showers, while a nice long hot shower may be amazing, keep in mind there are other people waiting too.

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