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10 Reasons You
Should Stay In
A Hostel

Some people have given hostels an unfair stigma of being unsafe with dirty rooms, grimy hippies and vagrants.

Because of that, some first time travelers are hesitant to stay at a hostel.  Well, here’s 10 reasons why hostels are better…

Meet fellow travelers

Making genuine connections with strangers makes up some of the most profound memories you’ll have while traveling.  The backpacking community is one of the friendliest group of people you’ll ever meet because everyone’s on an adventure.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to connect with people in hostels and, before you know it, you’ll be sharing crazy adventure stories, learning about new cultures and making future plans.

Inevitably, when you look back at your travels you’ll find your memories will be more defined by the people you met instead of the things you did.

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Cheap rates

Staying in hostels is what lets a savvy traveler turn a 2 week vacation into a 6 month adventure.  By trading in a little privacy and comfort you can save thousands of dollars by staying at hostels instead of hotels.

Instead of shelling out $200/night for that hotel room in Paris, you can stay at a hostel down the street for several days for the same amount of money.

You’re going to be out and about most of the time anyway, so why waste so much money on where you stay?  Save it and spend it on adventures instead!

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Hostel extras

Most hostels offer free books to read or tv and films to watch.  There’s also free or discounted activities.  While hotels see wifi as an additional charge, it’s almost universally free at every hostel around the world.

As well, most hostels also include breakfast and, if you’re lucky, you’ll even happen upon some that also include a communal dinner each night.

Friendly staff

Generally the people working at hostels are young and have a keen interest on travel themselves.  Hell, some of them are just fellow travelers like yourself who’ve decided to just stay put there for awhile and work in exchange for free room and board.

Naturally, they understand what experiences their guests are after.  They know the city well and will go out of their way to give great advice on things to do, what to eat, where to go, and the best way to get there.

Common areas

Think of a hostel as the home you grew up in as a child.  There’s the bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room and instead of your family, there’s a “family” of fellow travelers.

In essence every room of the hostel really is a common area.  Sure, you’ll lounge on the couches in the common room with other guests but you might also find yourself preparing a meal together with someone in the kitchen or maybe playing cards with someone else on your bunk in the dorm.

The point is – hostels are setup to connect people so take advantage of it.


We’ve already kind of touched on the people you’ll meet at hostels but it can’t be stressed enough that backpackers are, in general, an interesting, somewhat crazy, and often unusual community.  We’ve all got stories to tell and insights to share.  We help motivate each other to go on more adventures and experience more of the world.

Backpackers are a genuine, friendly, helpful and caring community.  We get each other.  We understand each other and you’ll find life long friends you never would have met otherwise.

Unique locations

Hostels are usually built in cool, old converted buildings so, really, no two are alike.  You’ll also find quite a few right in the thick of it in the city center.

There’s also really unique sleeping experiences out there as well.  You can sleep in a treehouse in Greece, a cave in Turkey, a castle in Brazil, old converted train cars in Bangkok and a crazy house in Da Lat just to name a few.

Relaxed atmosphere

Want to wake up late or just hang out on the rooftop patio all day?  No worries.  Hostels, unlike hotels, have a huge chill factor attached to them.  You’ll find some of your best days are when it’s pouring rain outside and you’re just hanging back playing cards and sharing stories all day.

People staying at hostels generally aren’t in a rush.  Most people you meet aren’t there on a week’s vacation but are in the middle of a months long journey that kind of follows a rough itinerary of “I’ll get to the next city when I get to it”.

Community kitchen

Eating out for every meal gets expensive fast.  However, because you’re staying in a hostel, you have a fully equipped communal kitchen at your disposal so make use of it.

Go out and buy some groceries at the local market down the street.  Try some fresh produce and seafood at the farmer’s market and delve into local cuisine.  If you ask, maybe one of the people working at the hostel will show you have to make something you’ve never tried before.

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Special events

Good hostels know how to put on unique events to get their guests to mingle.  At most hostels you’ll find everything from pub crawls, live music, free guided tours, movie nights and lots of stuff in between.

It’s a great way to experience the city and its’ culture and, of course, a great way to meet your fellow travelers.

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