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Mont Saint Michel Travel Guide

Mont Saint Michel Travel Guide

Day trip from Paris

This little island and its' 8th century Benedictine abbey are visited by millions of people each year making it one of France's most visited sites.

You can leave Paris in the morning, spend a few hours wandering the small medieval city, and return back in the early evening...


Getting There

Mont Saint Michel is located a few hours west of Paris in the Normandy region of France.  You can either arrange public transport and go on your own or purchase a tour group package.

1) Public Transport

To visit Mont Saint Michel on your own, you have to first take a train to Rennes.  From there you transfer on to a bus to Mont Saint Michel.  The entire trip takes just under 3 hours to do with a a cost of about €60 return.  When booking the train/bus combo ticket online, select "Paris Montparnasse" as your departing station and "Mont-Saint-Michel" as your destination.

2) Tour Groups

There are several tour companies that will take you out to Mont Saint Michel leaving from Paris in the early morning.  With prices starting around €129 it will cost you double what it would cost you to do it on your own but you will have someone to guide you along the way.


Although the island is small, there are quite a few restaurants for you to choose from.  They are, however, quite touristy and expensive.

Try the less expensive Du Chapeau Rouge which offers an extensive menu as well as a prix-fixe two course meal that includes a glass of wine for €15.

Or better yet, pack a nice picnic lunch and take in the view.

Medieval Village

When you first step foot on to the island you'll be transported back in time as you walk through the narrow streets of the medieval village.

Of course it's all filled with touristy shops and restaurants now but let your mind transport you back into time.

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Keep your eyes peeled as you make your way up the narrow village streets to the Abbey at the top of the island.  You'll come upon a tiny Catholic church and its' neighboring cemetery around the corner.

Both are stunning and worth visiting and exploring.

The Abbey

The Abbey is the biggest tourist destination on Mont Saint Michel and should definitely not be missed.

Admission is €10 and you can buy an audio guide for an additional €3.  There are also free guided tours through the abbey offered in several languages and at several times throughout the day.