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10 Hungarian Desserts You Need To Try

10 Hungarian Desserts You Need To Try

Hungarian desserts

Best known for their rich creamy flavors, Hungarian desserts perfectly contrast against traditional Hungarian dinner cuisine.

Hungarian desserts range from pastries to sweet dumplings to curd flavors and everything in between.

If you want to get an authentic taste of the sweeter side of Hungary, you are sure to enjoy the following 10 Hungarian desserts that will certainly please the senses...


Soml贸i Galuska

Often called cake dumplings due to their deceptively simple appearance, Soml贸i Galuska are essentially scoops of a complex layered cake that are made with layers of sponge cake, sweet custard, and raisins.

After the cake is put together, it is scooped into dumpling-like balls and served with fresh whipped cream.

Soml贸i Galuska was invented in 1950 and continues to be a staple in Hungarian restaurants and dessert cafes today.

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hungarian desserts you need to try hungary somloi galuska


K眉rt艖skal谩cs is a spit cake which is a cake that is baked in gradual layers as dough is placed on a rotating spit by a special oven or open fire.

K眉rt艖skal谩cs is made with a sweet dough that is rolled in sugar and basted with melted butter during the spit-roasting process.  This gives the cake a beautiful golden brown caramelized finish.  Once finished, K眉rt艖skal谩cs is traditionally topped with powdered cinnamon or ground walnuts.

This dessert is most common during the holiday season, but you can find it in many Hungarian bakeries year round.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary kurtoskalacs

Dobos Torte

A Dobos Torte is a traditional Hungarian dessert that is named after the man who invented it - J贸zsef C. Dobos.  He invented the cake in 1885 in an attempt to create a cake recipe that would last longer than other popular cakes of the time.

The cake itself is a layered sponge cake that combines traditional sponge cake with layers of an extra-smooth chocolate buttercream, which uses real cocoa butter to create a very creamy finish and taste.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary dobos torte


R茅tes, better known outside of Hungary as strudel, is a classical dessert that you can find just about anywhere in Hungary from coffee shops and quaint cafes to dinner restaurants.

R茅tes is made with a flour based dough that is rolled flat, filled with a variety of ingredients, and then rolled back up before being baked.

Traditional Hungarian fillings include a steamed apple filling with cinnamon and raisins, a cottage cheese filling with egg and lemon zest, and a plum filling made with a mixture of stewed walnuts, cinnamon sugar and ground-up walnuts.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary retes


Pog谩csa is a traditional Hungarian biscuit that can be served at any time of day, depending on what it鈥檚 filled or topped with.

Traditional Pog谩csa are made with at least one kind of cheese, either fresh or aged.  Other common fillings include more savory ingredients such as minced garlic, minced cabbage, and minced red onion.

Pog谩csa that are being served for dessert will have sweeter fillings such as apricot and other jams, unsweetened creams, or vanilla and a touch of sugar.

You can find Pog谩csa just about anywhere in Hungary, but you should look for bakeries that specialize in the sweeter varieties if you鈥檇 like them for dessert.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary pogacsa

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Mad谩rtej, which translates literally to "bird's milk," is a distinct dessert in both flavor and appearance.

Mad谩rtej is closely related to the French floating island dessert, and consists of a fluffy meringue on top of vanilla custard.  The Hungarian variation of this dessert is lighter than its French counterpart and does not traditionally come with any toppings, as the meringue is designed to stand on its own fluffy merits.

Mad谩rtej is not commonly found in cafes or bakeries, and is usually reserved for restaurants that serve more complicated traditional desserts on their menu.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary madartej

Kaka贸s Csiga

Kaka贸s Csiga translates literally to "Chocolate snails" but don't be fooled as there's nothing crunchy in this delicious dessert.

The dessert is made with a sweet pastry dough and a cocoa based icing that gives it a nice chocolate richness.

Kaka贸s Csiga are distinct due to the circular design of the baked dough, which somewhat resembles a snail's shell.

Kaka贸s Csiga are usually found in bakeries, coffee shops and cafes rather than on restaurant menus.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary kakaos csiga


Palacsinta is a thin pancake that somewhat resemble French crepes but with a thinner press and lighter texture.

Hungarian Palacsinta can be served either savory or sweet depending on the region and where you're getting them from.  Traditional dessert Palacsinta in Hungary are usually made with a special filling of candied orange peel, raisins, ground walnuts.

Gundel Palacsinta are flambeed with a cream-based chocolate sauce to give it an extra depth of flavor.

You can find this dessert in most restaurants and cafes year round, though you may have to search if you鈥檙e specifically searching for a dessert.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary palacsinta


Kifli is a Hungarian variant on the popular crescent shaped roll dessert you find throughout Europe.

Hungarian Kifli are made with a yeast-based dough that is first cut into triangle wedges before being rolled into its unique crescent shape.  Kifli is more like a bread roll than a delicate pastry, and are either served plain or with a sweet topping such as jam, sweet butter, or honey.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary kifli

T煤r贸 Rud

T煤r贸 Rud date all the way back to 1968, and are now considered a staple of Hungarian sweet treats and desserts.

T煤r贸 Rud is a bar-shaped snack that is made with a curd filling surrounded by a coating of hardened chocolate.  It can come with other fillings as well, such as berry jam, shredded coconut, or even vanilla.

You can find these snack-sized desserts at local supermarkets or in some cafes.
hungarian desserts you need to try hungary turo rudi