10 Amazing Day Trips From Vienna

Melk Abbey

amazing day trips from vienna melk abbey
Did you know that Melk Abbey was once given the title of Best Historical Destination in the World?

While opinions may vary on just what makes a location the best historical destination in the world, there’s no debating that the sight of this large, lavish historical abbey atop a lush green mountainside is one of the best in the world.

The abbey, which is open to visitors through stores, is a great place to spend an afternoon.  Visitors can see historical artwork, admire the Baroque era interior design, and stroll through the gardens for quiet reflection.

The Vienna Woods

amazing day trips from vienna the vienna woods
Lovers of nature will find much to do in the Vienna Woods.  The Woods are a popular recreational area in Austria because of its expansive size and abundant natural beauty.

Visitors who want to see the natural beauty of these woods can take walking strolls, rent a bike, or book a guided bike tour.

Lovers of history will also want to book a guided tour of Mayerling, a historical hunting lodge brimming with interesting history.


amazing day trips from vienna carnuntum
History fans will not want to miss this day trip as the town of Carnuntum is a historical Roman town which is still an active archaeological site to this day with new finds being discovered routinely.

In addition to a fascinating look at original Roman ruins, you can also visit one of the area’s multiple museums which house artifacts that were found on the sight.

The city has even built several Roman building reconstructions to give visitors a better idea of how the city would have looked during its heyday.


amazing day trips from vienna salzburg
Salzburg is the definitive day trip destination for any travelers who are interested in historical sights.  Salzburg’s many historical sights include its Old Town which is listed as a World Heritage sight.

Old Town excursions can include simply strolling along the alleyways to admire old architecture, stopping in for some traditional local food, or taking in the stunning sights of historical churches and towers.

Visitors can also stop by the the stunning Hohensalzburg castle or the famous Mozart Museum.

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Lainzer Wildlife Park

amazing day trips from vienna lainzer wildlife park
Lainzer Wildlife Park is located within the Vienna Woods and is one of the most beautiful and oldest wildlife parks in Europe.

The original Park was established in 1561 as a royal hunting park but in 1919 it was declared a wildlife preserve.  The park is home to countless deer, boar, and other natural wildlife that can be viewed in their lush natural habitat.

The best views are from the high observation tower which not only give you better access to see the wildlife but let you take in the breathtaking views of the forest.
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Klosterneuburg Abbey

amazing day trips from vienna klosterneuburg abbey
Klosterneuburg Abbey, which is actually a complex of multiple buildings, is one of the most popular abbeys in Austria.

The Abbey is also located in the Vienna Woods giving it a picturesque location.  The beautifully designed building was originally built in the 12th century, and the building as it stands today is a remarkable combination of 12th, 19th, and 20th century architecture.

Famous sights inside the Klosterneuburg Abbey include the famous Marble Hall and Verduner Alter.


amazing day trips from vienna bratislava
A day trip to Bratislava will take you across the border into Slovakia to a city that can truly be called picture perfect.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and its importance truly shines through a myriad of historical buildings including a beautiful red and white palace, as well as churches and charming narrow city streets.

Food lovers should flock right to St. Micheal’s Street which is lined with local restaurants and cafes that offer up delicious, authentic Slovakian food.

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amazing day trips from vienna grinzing
Grinzig is best known for its charming appearance and delicious food.  Visitors who are drawn to small, charming towns will enjoy the picturesque homes that contrast beautifully against the blue skies and lush, green forests that surround the town.

Lovers of traditional Austrian food must visit the city’s local restaurants which are famous for serving highly traditional food local to the area.  The city is also well known for its expansive vineyards and accompanying Heurigen cafes which serve wine and grape juice made locally.

Kreuzenstein Castle

amazing day trips from vienna kreuzenstein castle
If you love history, architecture, or even just castles, then a day trip to Kreuzenstein Castle should be on your itinerary.

Kreuzenstein Castle was built in the medieval era and its unique and almost fairy tale-esque appearance mark it as a source of inspiration for artists from the medieval era to modern day.

Both the exterior and interior are uniquely Medieval and are well worth the trip to see some of the most interesting architecture of that time period in person.  The castle is open to visitors through guided tours only.

Laa an der Thaya

amazing day trips from vienna laa an der thaya
Laa an der Thaya is the perfect day trip if you want to visit a genuine small town that was once the secret of travelers who wanted to get a weekend of private rest and relaxation.

Despite its new found notice as a quiet town, Laa an der Thaya is still the perfect spot when you want to get away from the bustle of Vienna city life.  The city has beautiful views and ample opportunity for quiet reflection.

There are local bike trails and hiking trails if you want to get some exercise as well as local restaurants that serve rich, hearty local cuisine.  Also, a trip to Laa an der Thaya would not be complete without a stop in one of its famous Wine Cellar Alleys.
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