10 Amazing Day Trips From Budapest


amazing day trips from budapest szentendre
Szentendre, an artist’s haven, has been a vibrant center for artists of all types since the 1930s.  The impact that such concentrated culture has had on the town is apparent in its colorful buildings, inspiring rivers and gardens, as well as the beautiful Blagoveshchensk Church.

Who knows, you may find yourself inspired to draw a city scene!  For some memorable shopping, head down to any one of the town’s markets, which are famous for their handmade crafts and art related pieces.


amazing day trips from budapest godollo
If you are a fan of historical architecture, then you must visit Gödöllő as it is home to the famous Gödöllő Palace which was the former summer palace of Franz Joseph.

Gödöllő Palace, designed to be a home away from home for the emperor, is one of the best examples of classical Hungarian Baroque style.  The palace itself is open for tours, ranging from tours of the many rooms to strolls through its beautiful gardens.


amazing day trips from budapest eger
Eger is often called one of the most beautiful small towns in the whole of Europe and it’s an apt description.

The town is absolutely filled with splendid buildings including 17 Baroque style churches, a medieval castle, the 1837-built Eger Basilica, and unique towers that will stand out in any photo.

When you want a taste of the local life, simply wander around the charming lanes of Eger and stop at the town’s central marketplace which is always buzzing with people selling local wares, food, and unique items.

Lake Balaton

amazing day trips from budapest lake balaton
If you love natural views, you can’t miss Lake Balaton.  The lake is the largest freshwater lake anywhere in Europe and its’ beautiful water is matched only by the great views and fun local activities to do once you’ve enjoyed a cruise on the lake.

When you visit, you should take a local tour along the lake’s 50 mile width and afterwards head over to the town surrounding the lake for a unique hiking experience on the volcanic hills, a tour of the local vineyard or s simple stroll enjoying the lush view.


amazing day trips from budapest esztergom
Esztergom is filled with so many fascinating sights and activities that you may want to stay more than one day.

Once the capital of Hungary, the historical importance of Esztergom is plain to see in its many historic sights.  Must see stops include the ruins of the former Hungarian royal palace and the historical Cathedral with its iconic blue topped towers.

If you’re a fan of natural wonders, check out the Pilis Mountains right near the city where you can visit natural beech forests complete with unusual chalk cliffs and natural caves.
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amazing day trips from budapest visegrad
Visegrád is a small town with a lot to offer a day trip traveler.  The town is best known for its stunning citadel which has remained standing since the 13th century.

The citadel is located up a forest path which can be accessed either by a fairly intense hike or a taxi service taking travelers up the hill.

Visitors to this small but charming town will also enjoy exploring the Renaissance era ruins of the royal palace or the charming pálinka museum displaying all things fruit brandy.


amazing day trips from budapest gyor
If you love historical architecture then you must not miss Győr.  This small charming little town offers up splendid views and historical wonders to any culture seeking traveler.

The Old Town section of Győr is world renowned for its quaint aesthetic which is dotted with more than 150 historical buildings.

When you’re done taking in the beautiful architecture, stop by a local restaurant to get some traditional Hungarian food.


amazing day trips from budapest holloko
If you want to immerse yourself in traditional Hungarian culture, Hollókő is the destination for you.  Hollókő holds fast to tradition by holding regular celebrations for cultural festivals, traditional holidays, artisan crafts and so much more.

If you want the full Hollókő effect, be sure to visit during Easter time when a large festival combining traditional Hungarian food, crafts, clothing, and dancing is held.

Of course, you don’t need to visit during a festival to breathe in Hungarian culture.  You’ll still enjoy the town’s many other cultural excursions like the doll museum and the Old Village complete with historical reenactments.


amazing day trips from budapest kecskemet
Kecskemét is the perfect stop when you want a relaxing day trip that will help you immerse yourself in the quiet culture of countryside Hungary.

The town is famous for its horses and you’ll find everything from famous horse shows to stable tours and horse riding tours.  Take a horse riding tour and take in the sights of Hungary’s Great Plains in a way you never thought possible.

If you want even more local culture, get up early and attend the Kecskemét Morning Market, where you can buy locally grown meats, vegetables, and other local goods.


amazing day trips from budapest miskolc
Miskolc is best known for its famous thermal cave baths which are unlikely any other cave baths in Hungary, or the world for that matter.

Visitors can actually swim through the crystal clear warm water in different sections of the cave.  Once you’ve had your fun at the baths, take a trip on the forest train which will take you through the Bukk mountain range or visit the newly renovated Diosgyor castle.
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