10 Amazing Day Trips From Barcelona


amazing day trips from barcelona girona
Girona is northern Catalonia's largest city and sits between Barcelona and Costa Brava.  Once considered very wealthy during medieval times, it is now full of beautiful Romanesque and Gothic architecture from thousands of years ago.

To educate yourself about the history, art, and culture of Girona, you can visit some of the many museums, churches, and galleries located within.

The most visited spot within Girona is the old Jewish Quarter, one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in all of Europe.  This area was once called "El Call" and was home to many Jews throughout 982-1492.  Today the narrow passageways and winding cobblestone paths are still in tact from when they were first built over 500 years ago.

For those Game of Thrones fans, Girona was a major shooting location for season 6 of the series.


amazing day trips from barcelona figueres
Known best for being the birthplace of Salvador Dali, Figueres is located just north of Catalonia at the foot of the Pyrenees and surrounded by nature.

The main draw of the city is, as you may have already guessed, the Salvador Dali museum which is the most visited museum in Spain after the Prado and Guggenheim.

Visitors to the area can also take guided Salvador Dali tours around Figueres to learn more about the life and works of the famous artist.

Of course, the Salvador Dali museum is far from the only museum in the city.  Also located within Figueres are the Toy museum, the Electricity museum, the Emporda museum, and the Technical museum.


amazing day trips from barcelona montserrat
Translated to "Serrated Mountain", Monserrat offers breathtaking views and adrenaline pumping adventures for all.

What looks to most as just a beautiful mountain has long been a mystical place for the Catalan people.  The mountain was originally used by Romans who constructed a temple to worship Venus.

Years later the mountain became more tied in with Christianity and several hermitages were built there for Christian Monks.

In 1025, the Santa Maria de Monteserrat monastery was built and became home to the Virgin Mary who was believed by the Catalan people to perform miracles.  Today the Virgin Mary still stands and is visited by many in hopes of having their wishes granted.

While you’re on your way to make your wish, be sure to take a ride up the steepest funicular in Spain reaching over 1000m above sea level.


amazing day trips from barcelona sitges
This quaint coastal town, located just 35km from Barcelona, has been a popular resort area since the 19th century.  Sitges is known for its many beautiful beaches including a few nudist ones for those more adventurous souls.

The first known settlers of Sitges were nomads who lived off of land by hunting and but the history of Sitges may date back farther than we even know as this is the site where Catalans oldest human remains were found dating back over 50,000 years.

Today, this former fishing village is filled with character and has been deemed the nickname "the St. Tropez of Spain".

If you’re here in October be sure to check out the massive film festival that draws in some of the biggest names and stars in Hollywood.


amazing day trips from barcelona tarragona
Tarragona is located along the Mediterranean Coast about an hour drive from Barcelona.

The city was originally inhabited by the Iberian tribe but was overtaken by Roman Generals in 218 BC and used as military camp.  In 45 BC it was named as the "Colony of Rome" by Julius Caesar.

Today, Tarragona is home to the Tarraco Archaeological site which is one of the largest archaeological ruins in all of Spain and has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Those who are not drawn to Tarragona for the ruins may also be coming for the wine.  Located along the Penedes Wine and Cava Routes are a variety of delicious wine tasting opportunities.
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Collserola National Park

amazing day trips from barcelona collserola
Located less than 30 minutes from Barcelona lies the Collserola National Park which is the largest metropolitan park in the world.  Known as Barcelona's "green lung", the park is rich with amazing greenery, flora, fauna, and wildlife.

The park is also home to over 190 different species including squirrels, foxes, bird species, and even the odd wild boar.

The park is scenically placed above Barcelona and covers over 8000 square kilometers of land.  It's the ideal place for taking a hike, riding a bike, or stopping for a picnic.

Top attractions within the park include the Torre de Collserola (an observation tower), the Verdaguer House museum, and the 14th century castle ruins of Castellciuro.


amazing day trips from barcelona vic
If you head just North of Barcelona towards the Pyrenees Mountains, you’ll find the small town of Vic which is world renowned for it's amazing gastronomy.

Vic is a charming town surrounded by hills and mountains, but it's main draw is it's local cured meats which have been designated as some of the best in all of Catalonia.

Before it became known for the food, Vic was a medieval town that was divided into two.  One section  surrounded the castle of Montcada, and the other surrounded the Cathedral.  The town was originally known as "Ausa" but in 788 AD the entire area was destroyed in an Arab invasion.

The rebuilding of the town can be attributed to the Count of Barcelona, better known as "Wilfred the Hairy".

Colonia Güell

amazing day trips from barcelona colonia guell
Colonia Guell is a 19th century industrial village and has recently been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The construction of the industrial complex began in 1890 and can be attributed to a man named Eusebio Guell who had the idea to turn his estate into a textile factory.  While the project originally began as a small community working together, Guell eventually decided that he wanted to build his workers a church.

To build the church, he commissioned famous architect Antoni Gaudi but, unfortunately, due to economic hardships, the church was never completed.

Today it is a popular tourist destination where people can come and visit to see the unfinished works of the famous Gaudi as well as the crypt that was built below the church.


amazing day trips from barcelona montblanc
Located in the province of Tarragona, Montblanc is a walled-in medieval town that has been inhabited for thousands of years.  Cave dwellings here suggest that the town may actually date back to prehistoric times.

Main sights within the area include the Gothic Church of Santa Maria, the Royal Palace, and the Gothic style Alenya House.


amazing day trips from barcelona begur
Ninety minutes away from Barcelona you’ll find the unique town of Begur.  Filled with sandy beach coves and quaint beach side restaurants, Begur is the perfect place to go to do absolutely nothing.

Of course, if doing nothing isn't your thing, there's plenty of adventure filled activities here too.  Two of the most popular activites here are snorkeling and scuba diving.

While exploring the town of Begur, you may notice the colonial influence of Cuba in much of the architecture.  During the 19th century, many people from Begur migrated to Cuba and, those who did well, returned to Begur often building themselves colonial style homes.

Today, much of this influence is still present and is actually celebrated in a three day festival every September known as Fira d'Indians.  If you can't make it in September, don't fret, there is still plenty to do here among the enchanting crystalline waters that call Begur home.
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